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Cash only – we do not accept credit cards!

Football golf: 18 fairways

(max. 2.5 hrs. playing time)

  Sat/Sun/holiday weekday
Adults 13,00 € 12,00 €
Young persons (up to 17) 9,00 € 8,00 €
Children (up to 12) 7,00 € 6,00 €

Tickets for adults, young persons and children can also be obtained as vouchers.

Soccer cage 10 x 15 m

(each 0.5 hours playing time)

up to 10 players 10,00 €

booking & vouchers

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Matchday (if necessary leave free for voucher):
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After receiving your booking request, we will check whether the date is still available and give you feedback.

01525 3814863

We'll be available for you from March/April to the beginning of November.​

opening times:
Sat./Sun. from 10 a.m.
Tue. to Fri. from 11 a.m.
holidays and vacations from 10 a.m.
Monday is closed.
(except holidays and long weekends)

Last start time is as usual two hours before sunset. If you want to play with a larger group outside the opening hours, please ask in advance.