Soccergolf Sachsen – Soccergolf Saxony
Soccergolf Sachsen

Our course

Our soccer golf course is located in a quiet rural area on the edge of Ottendorf-Okrilla near Dresden.


We have an 18-hole course, 72 par, with a total area of over 47,000 m2. 
Each hole holds a new challenge for you and is waiting for you to overcome it.

Overview of our pars

Par 3 at 57m distance, with 3 grass hills and 2 sand bunkers on the green

Par 3 at 55m distance, left round the corner, and 3 sand bunkers

Par 5 at 112m distance, through the narrow grass and with an obstacle in front of the green

Par 5 at 72m distance, through the obstacles (not over the fences) around the pond

Par 4 at 65m distance, stream and tree as obstacles (play to the left around the tree)

Par 4 at 85m distance, tree and 3 sand bunkers in front of the island green (play to the right around the tree)

Par 4 at 65m distance, obstacles and 2 bunkers on the fairway (through between the fences)

Par 4 at 62m distance, right turn and 1 bunkers on the fairway

Par 3 at 55m distance, around the plantations (do not damage the plants)

Par 4 at 63m distance, stone in the corner (play around it to the left)

Par 4 at 77m distance, wooded fairway with 3 stones and bunker behind the green

Par 3 at 21m distance, wooded fairway with tyres for holing (do not damage the plants)

Par 4 at 58m distance, natural fairway with natural obstacles (do not damage the plants)

Par 5 at 73m distance, wooded fairway with diagonally located tree and stone, into the goal


More leisure activities

beer garden „Loch 19“

Enjoy your cool drink and warm meals in our beer garden.

Ordering food and drinks:

phone: 0179 7443287 or E-Mail:

menu: siehe Gastronomie

Operator of the „Biergarten Loch 19“ is Ronny Simon & Jens Müller GbR

big field chess

With a little fighting spirit and concentration, a passionate playing experience unfolds in big field chess. The rules are slightly different from conventional chess.

Use our large field chess as an exciting alternative to soccer golf and amaze your opponent with unpredictable strategies.